Street Alchemy - designs by Alex Porter


Alex Porter

Alex Porter is an interactive multimedia developer with a passion for connecting beautiful design with beautiful code. He attempts to blur the line between mere content delivery and an innovative user experience.

Alex graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Graphics Technology. He then created Street Alchemy to build a strong design brand mixing both the contemporary styles of urban settings and graffiti with the much more organic and mysterious feeling of alchemical style. While by far the main focus of Street Alchemy's work is Web and Flash development, the idea isn't to build a page or a game, the idea is to build, using whatever tools possible, the correct multimedia piece to solve the problem at hand. This can include anything from websites, to games, to videos, presentations, and even documents such as reports or project documentation. Adding the work of a creative professional to any project streamlines the communication process and gets the needed information to the intended party as quickly and efficiently as possible. After all, one of the biggest parts of being a multimedia developer and creative professional is not just the production phase, it's the planning and research phase of any project. A penchant for problem solving is truly a must for effective communication, and creative problem solving is just what Street Alchemy does.

Alex has worked in a design house, in small groups, and as a freelancer, giving him a wide range of experience on different sized projects and project groups.


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